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Gardens of the Kuban

Trading house " Gardens of Kuban ", one of the largest producers of fruit and vegetable products in the south of Russia.
The project of irrigated garden began to be developed and implemented in 2007. Our company designed an irrigation system, delivered all necessary equipment and took an active part in the implementation of this project.
For the reliable operation of the irrigation system for gardens with a total area of ​​more than 400 hectares, we applied a number of original innovative technological solutions that enabled us to achieve our goals. The Sosyka River serves as the source of water for the main garden areas, and for the garden near the village the White Garden is irrigated with water from 5 artesian wells.

Chronicle of the project:

In the development and creation of the project specialists of our company and Russian specialists took part. The project was overseen and financed by the Stella corporation.

Project Map

Project Map


start of project

How it all began

Choosing a place for pumping

Choice of a place for pumping station


There were also disputes and heated discussions, as a result, the project was adjusted, agreed and accepted for execution.

Start of construction

Pipeline laying

Laying of main pipelines.

Welding of pipes

PE pipe welding.

Installation of water distribution units

Water distribution unit

Installation of water distribution units.

Installation of poles

Installation trellis.

Water supply. Pumping station and borehole.


Pumping on the map

Main pumping station on the map

where to start

Preparation of the site for pumping.

water intake

Water intake.



At a construction site

At a construction site.

construction of pumping station

Installation of equipment.

Filter unit

Automated filtration unit.

pumping station

The pump is ready for operation.

Fertigation unit

Fertigation unit.


Automation system.

Drilling wells

Drilling of the wells.

Sand separator

The unit for preliminary filtration and separation of sand.

140 cubes

Fast storage capacity of 140 cubic meters.

pump and filters

Pump and automatic filtration unit.

Ferti Block

Containers with uterine solutions of fertilizers and a node of fertigation.

Fertigation unit

Fertigation unit.

Greenhouse for cultivation of planting material

The greenhouse on the map

The greenhouse on the map


Construction of a greenhouse

Construction of a greenhouse for growing planting stock and seedlings.

Greenhouse in operation

The greenhouse is at work.

Drip irrigation of the garden

Installation of drip tubes

A drip in the garden.

Garter drip pipes

Fastening the drip tube to the bottom wire of the trellis.

Water distribution unit


Automatic water distribution unit.


Garden on drip irrigation.



A drop

Droplet in the work.

Gardens of the Kuban

For six years, the company has successfully irrigated its gardens with an automated drip irrigation system. Gardens of the Kuban receive excellent harvests of apples, pears, plums, peaches. The drip irrigation system guarantees high and stable yields.

For the design and construction of irrigation systems, please contact Agrosheriff Ltd.

This article was published on Saturday 24 August, 2013.

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