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Winter greenhouseStrawberries - promising products on the market always. This wonderful, tasty and useful berry want to have on the table, and in the spring and summer and autumn and winter.
Retail chains offer this product all year round, but not always, this cute berry with a counter supermarket has a good taste and flavor, despite the high prices. So what's the reason? Why is it sometimes a strawberry is called "plastic"? The answer is simple. Logistics. The products offered in large retail chains, most of all - imported. Delivery to the farm greenhouse or field to counter, it may take several days. Strawberries capricious and we know that the ripe fruit is almost impossible to maintain for a long time. To be retained strawberries attractive and withstand long-distance transport, special varieties were bred with stiffer pulp, large size, nice appearance, high color varieties that can be harvested in the immature form. They look great, but the taste quality - not very much, because the berry is not ripe, did not quite get enough sugar and enzymes, retained hard, tough flesh, despite the already existing intense color and certainly did not have time to buy the same, familiar to all from childhood amazing strawberry flavor "real strawberries", which we feel, tearing this delicious berry from farm to Grandma's cottage!
What we have today - is the presence of the product on offer, but would like to have better quality. I would like to have not only the appearance but also taste. How to solve this problem? It is necessary to develop the production of this wonderful fruit as close as possible to the consumer. Delivery time from the garden to the counter should be as short as possible. From several hours to a maximum of 1 day. In this case, we will be able to please both children and adults a wonderful, delicious, sweet, fragrant berry!

Strawberries DELICIOUS. Problems and solutions.

If the market is a demand for the product, but the product, although it is on the market and is available, its characteristics - that is, the quality and taste characteristics do not meet the demands of consumers, it means - a problem.
But if we want to solve this problem, it needs to be solved with the use of modern technologies and agricultural techniques. such technologies have been developed in Israel about 20 years ago. This small-volume hydroponics technology in containers on the suspension for growing strawberries in greenhouses. This technology has already been successfully mastered and put into production in the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, China, Poland, Italy, and many other countries. Advantages - are undeniable. This is the maximum yield per 1 square meter, convenient and fairly simple technology and equipment, low labor costs, high-quality berries, a small amount of substandard and waste, and ultimately higher economic efficiency and profitability.
One of the most important parameters of this technology - to provide environmentally friendly products, that is, the use of pesticides is reduced to almost zero, and this is a very important indicator. The buyer wants to eat today is not only beautiful and delicious food but also safe for health, that is, net of residual amounts of various toxic chemicals, which are widely used in conventional agriculture.
To date, we have created a greenhouse, which allows you to grow strawberries in the winter in temperate climates, ie in the middle lane. The technology and equipment are perfectly adapted to the climatic conditions of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Central Asia, and the Caucasus.
The main advantage of our greenhouses TEDEN-500 model TST is the possibility of their use in small and medium-sized farms. Area 500 is a greenhouse or 510 square meters. But of these greenhouses is not difficult to construct a greenhouse complex area such as 1 or more acres.


This project was done in 2013 in Aderbievskoy, Krasnodar region, near the town of Gelendzhik. In this region, like the greenhouse cultivation of strawberries, and technology-based small-volume hydroponics apply for the first time.

The greenhouse was installed by the customer on their own, in a fairly short period of time. All the equipment is supplied and designed for self-assembly and installation. The photos below - construction.

Setting the frame

Setting the frame of the greenhouse.

Side curtains

On the sidewalls of the greenhouses installed a phyto-protective net. It protects against the ingress of greenhouse insect pests at airing.

Side curtains

Grid, and later film curtains are attached to the body using special greenhouses aluminum profiles and locks.

Cool house.  The film coating.

Cool house. The film coating of greenhouses. The film post-tensioning as well secured with locks and profiles.

Electric side curtains

Electric side curtains.

Cool house.  Butts.

The ends of the greenhouse in the same coating film, but this design, by the owner greenhouses ends, were made of polycarbonate.

Installation of equipment

On the front wall is mounted basic equipment for hydroponics. Filters, fertigation unit, solenoid valves for automatic control.

Installation of the substrate containers

Installation of the containers with the substrate is carried out at a height convenient for subsequent work on the cultivation and harvesting of strawberries.

Installation of the substrate containers

Well, the installation of equipment and over.


Preparing the ground for laying the coating.

Planting seedlings of strawberries

The landing of strawberry seedlings started after the installation of equipment in containers filled with coconut substrate. March 2013 Seedling - Frigo.

Young plants of strawberry

Within a week - one and a half, the plant began to develop rapidly.

First strawberry crop

And here is the first berry!

First strawberry crop

And this is a marketable crop.

First strawberry crop

In the hot season, in the south, since May, a special shaded greenhouse shading netting ALUMINET-50.

Seedlings of wild strawberry

Seedlings of wild strawberry

After the fruiting - went to his mustache. Of these, we try to grow seedlings. Happened.

Strawberries YEAR ROUND.

Everyone wants to grow and serve the strawberries in winter. When it's cold. It's very tempting but difficult.
To get a winter crop, greenhouse TEDEN-500 TST had to supplement the heating system and supplementary lighting. Heating was done by air, based on the active heat exchanger to which hot water is fed by plastic tubes. The heater was used household boiler drove. Hot water was circulated in the system is forced by a pump.
Supplementary lighting implemented using fluorescent tubes household energy efficiency.

The results of the winter crop in the photo below. Photos were taken on 20 January 2014.

Winter strawberry harvest

Winter strawberry harvest

Winter strawberry harvest


Options greenhouse TEDEN-500 TST.


Cool house TEDEN-500 TST. 500 and 510 sq.m. Reinforced construction with a suspension system with plant containers, film-coated, and phytoprotective nets on the curtains.
drip irrigation system 1. based on the compensated anti-drainage drip tube.


2. based on the compensated external droppers.

Sprinkler irrigation system On the basis of fogger low pressure, it is designed to maintain a predetermined level of humidity and a work evaporative cooling system as part of climate control.
Filtration pre-filtration and final filtration of the final system.
fertigation Combined fertigation system for small-volume hydroponics and foliar application possibilities.
Automation Integrated full-featured automation system with climate control.
Drainage gutter Drainage PVC gutter length of 5.5 meters or 11 trays, containers, or bags with plants.
Container for plants Stamped easy to build polypropylene containers for plants of strawberry 1 meter at 11 plants.
primer A two-color (black and white) clay wicker water flow cover is made from polypropylene for protection against weeds and increases the light level in the greenhouse.
curtains Management Manual or electric operation.
Shading Net Shading Net ALUMINET, density 30-70% for different climatic conditions.
substratum Coconut substrate quality of Agrosheriff.
Sorts Are chosen independently owned greenhouses, concerning local conditions.
fertilizers The composition of the nutrient solution is adjusted based on laboratory tests. There is the possibility of using a simple (not complex) fertilizers.

NOTE: In each case, the individual is required to design that would equip the greenhouse optimal set of equipment and materials as much as possible adapted to the specific circumstances of the customer!

If you need help in designing and supplying equipment for these farms, you can apply with a detailed request to our company: SEND A REQUEST

This article was published on Wednesday 23 April, 2014.

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