Hobby Greenhouses

Construction of small greenhouses that can be used for garden plots, villas, suburban home.

Greenhouses for infield and cottages.

To date is becoming increasingly important possession own small greenhouse. Someone wants to eat their own, organic vegetables, someone wants to grow flowers and exotic fruits, for some, it's just a hobby, and for many - a substantial increase to the family budget. Own-grown fruits and vegetables, by far the tastiest and, in addition, they provide a significant addition to the family budget, and with sufficient greenhouse, the area can still get good earnings. But it already enjoys as "personal business on the land." Is this possible? Absolutely!
It all depends on what type of greenhouse, which designs and the size (area) you decide to build. The choice of design and equip a greenhouse - it is a very serious matter. Much depends on the region in which you live, how severe your climatic conditions, and to what time of year you plan to use your greenhouse, what, and how to grow.

There are plenty of offers small suburban and farm greenhouses. Some designs can be viewed below:

This greenhouse area from a few square meters to several tens or hundreds of square meters.

Самодельные теплицы Самодельные теплицы 2
Homemade greenhouses. This is a fairly common phenomenon and many people make greenhouses from scrap materials. Design and dimensions may vary. Molded polycarbonate greenhouse.
приусадебные теплицы из поликарбоната приусадебные теплицы из поликарбоната 2
Country and backyard polycarbonate greenhouses.
дачная теплица с покрытием из поликарбоната дачная теплица с покрытием из пленки
Small suburban greenhouse covered with polycarbonate. Small country greenhouse with film cover.
Два тепличных блока В теплице установлен пластиковый бассейн
Two greenhouse blocks. One is used for a greenhouse - the second for an indoor pool. A plastic pool is installed in the greenhouse, which can be removed at any time and used for its intended purpose.
Фермерская теплица Дачная теплица для выращивания цветов
Farm greenhouse. Country greenhouse for growing flowers.
Дачная теплица с покрытием из армированного полиэтилена
Dacha greenhouse coated reinforced polyethylene with double curtains that can be raised and lowered.


Greenhouses have many gardeners and homeowners, but the effectiveness of their use is very different. An attempt to grow vegetables in the greenhouse in winter, almost useless, as the high cost of heating and lighting of greenhouses in the winter months makes cost-grown just fantastic, and labor - disproportionate.
However, the small backyard greenhouses and summer are great and growing popularity. They can be used to grow vegetables and hide the early crops from adverse weather conditions in the warmer months. This is a short-term and late Rann freezing, rain, hail, strong winds, etc.
Yet, the effectiveness of such a small greenhouse not very high. The reason? There are several reasons:

  • The small size of the greenhouse. Difficult to maintain the microclimate.
  • Typically, these greenhouses are not equipped with the necessary equipment, such as irrigation.
  • Inability to use most of the greenhouses in the summer (the lack of ventilation and shading).
  • Passion for polycarbonate, resulting in overheating and complication greenhouses ventilation.
  • Lack of automation, which leads to high costs of labor and time.
  • How to deal with these problems and make the greenhouse more effective?

Our recommendations:

  • Use film greenhouses. They are cheaper, easier to maintain and easier to make greenhouse side curtains for effective ventilation.
  • Set in a greenhouse automatic drip irrigation system. Watering will be guaranteed.
  • Use an automation system and fertigation (fertilizer with irrigation water).
  • The use of hydroponics. Hydroponics is one of the most effective methods of growing plants.
  • Use the special mulching film. With its help retain moisture, soil structure, increasing the lighting plant, prevent the emergence of weeds and to a large extent, protect plants from damaging infections such as Phytophthora and other pathogens.
  • Use shading greenhouse in the summer months. Shading will reduce the temperature in the greenhouse and the plants will grow in the summer.
  • When the decision to build a greenhouse - choose the size greenhouse Pobol. The effectiveness of such greenhouses are much higher. Recommended sizes - at least 30 meters
Боковые подъемные шторы Система капельного орошения в дачной теплице
Side lifting curtains. Drip irrigation system in a country greenhouse.
Система капельного орошения "Восьмерочка" Выращивание горшечных с наружными капельницами
Drip irrigation system "Eight" Growing potted plants with external drippers.
Блок фертигации Блок фильтрации и автоматики
Fertigation unit for adding fertilizers to irrigation water. Filtration and automation unit with Geva75 controller.
Огурцына двухцветной пленочной мульче Огурцы на гидропонике
Cucumbers on two-color film mulch. Cucumbers in hydroponics. The substrate is coconut.
Затенение алюминетом Затенение черной затеняющей сеткой
Shading with aluminate. Shading with a black shading grid.


Once these recommendations are not complex and equip its greenhouse to be not that expensive additional equipment, you will get a good harvest, and very much easier on yourself if your plants are watered and fertilized automatically and the greenhouse will not overheat.

This article was published on Saturday 01 September, 2012.

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