Chickens and turkeys, as well as eggs, ostriches and goose liver.

As I already wrote, the hen on the Jewish table, especially on Saturday, and not only, the phenomenon is traditional and even compulsory. And since Israel, strange as it may sound, is populated mostly by Jews, chicken is a commodity. Poultry farming accounts for 19% of total agricultural production. Turkey Consumption of products from poultry houses is one of the highest in the world. Each year, every Israeli eats 37 kg of chicken, 23 kg of turkey and 280 eggs. The country produces about 1.61 billion table eggs, 224 thousand tons of chicken, 109 thousand tons of turkey and 400 tons of goose liver. In some kibbutz and moshavas you can meet gracefully walking behind the hedge of ostriches. The production of goose and ostrich farms is almost entirely exported. The great demand and creativity allowed Israeli poultry farmers to feed the country quickly and nutritionally with poultry and other related poultry products, and stories of old-timers recalling how in the days of the card system the resident of Israel received 100 grams of meat per month, while the double norm was only for pregnant women, are perceived, at least, as a beautiful legend, although it was so. And the love of the Israelis for tasty and satisfying food is probably connected with the people's memory of the hard and hungry years of the beginning of the revival of the State of Israel.
КурочкиThe first thing to start with is from the breed. Kurochki In the poultry houses everything is aimed at creating maximum convenience and comfort for them inhabitants. Since the people of the country of Israel are rather tight-fisted, they came up with a lot of ways to get the maximum effect with minimal expenses. Poultry houses are constructed of light and quick-assembled structures, inside the wall and the ceiling are covered with a special heat-insulating material that transmits heat only 3-5%, with a coating thickness of about 3 millimeters. Moreover, this material reflects light almost 100%, which saves electricity for lighting. All processes in the poultry house, from the distribution of feed and water, to collection of eggs and regulation of the microclimate and the mode of illumination, are fully automated. The bird farm for a few thousand chicken livestock is fully mounted for a month and a half and immediately begins to produce products. Poultry breeders are greatly annoyed by the increased aggressiveness of young males. This reduces productivity. Local scientists thought and came up with a special scarecrow on which the males and disrupt their aggression, which, naturally, reduced the number of fights in the poultry house and increased egg production and meat production. СтраусEvery day, the weight of each bird is automatically controlled, which allows you to adjust the diet and carry out early diagnosis of diseases.

Well, what about goose liver and ostriches? Products from these species of birds for food inside Israel are not used. Traditions and Kashrut (a special attitude to food related to the Jewish religion) are affected, but nevertheless, these industries are successfully developing. Since the gourmets of Europe and America are eager to eat all this, and wholesalers are asking all the time to increase supplies, as you understand, this is not a problem.


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This article was published on Wednesday 08 March, 2006.

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