Proportional metering pumps MixRite

Why the MixRite ?

Because MixRite is simple, it's reliable, it's accurate, adjustable dosage!


Proportional metering pumps MixRite used for precise dosing of concentrated fertilizer and various other additives to the water flowing through them.

MixRite added concentrated additive in the water flowing through it in proportion to, depending on a predetermined number.


MixRite. Fields of application:

In horticulture, horticulture, viticulture, indoor and outdoor:

The addition of fertilizers through the irrigation system provides optimal power plants conditions.

Livestock and poultry:

Additive drugs and vitamins in drinking water for cattle, swine, poultry, sheep.

Water supply:  the chlorination of drinking water. Essential minerals additives into the drinking water. Dizinfitsiruyuschie additives in the water for swimming pools. The additives in the water for aquariums.

Industry:  used in chemical and mechanical engineering, printing and almost any industry. Manufacture of food products and beverages. Disinfection and water purification systems. Printing. Fire fighting and other industries.

Clean and tidy: the addition of detergents and other components for a variety of cleaning systems and cleaning equipment. Washing and cleaning of the equipment in the food industry. Car wash. Utility services.

MixRite does not require external sources of energy and has great advantages:

  • Easy to install
  • They do not require electricity
  • The concentration of the additives from 0.2 to 10 percent
  • Easy to change the dosage Percentage
  • Powered by a very low flow rate (20 liters per hour)
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Highly resistant to aggressive chemicals
  • Made of high-quality polymers and perfectly withstands UV radiation and does not require additional protection for work in the field outdoors

MixRite in agriculture

One of the main applications of the MixRite , an exact dosage of soluble fertilizers for irrigation systems.
Fertigation Efficiency (fertilizer with irrigation water) depends on how accurately we can dispense fertilizers and mix them with irrigation water, adjust the composition and concentration of fertilizer, depending on the needs plants. Proportional pump MixRite - this is the optimal device that allows precise and reliable dosing and add fertilizer to irrigation water.
Use MixRite possible in farmers' fields and in greenhouses for gardens and suburban areas, in gardening and landscaping, etc ..

Another use MixRite in agriculture -. It's poultry and livestock MixRite used to add to the drinking water for the animals and birds of various additives, kaprimer vitamins, minerals, medications, and other additives.  MixRite animal called "Medicator". It provides accurate and reliable dosage of additives at all times of growing animals and birds.

Models and modification MixRite pumps


MixRite  designed for different operating conditions and for active and aggressive chemicals, such as acids, alkalis and other liquids. These active chemical solutions passing through the metering pump may damage the parts. Therefore, apply three paznyh design pumps.

  1. Normal metering pump, wherein mixing of components carried in the casing.
  2. The pump with an external bypass. This design is intended for the most chemically active additives. Mixing of the components occurs in the outlet conduit.
  3. Pumps with internal bypass. This design is intended for the reactive additives including acid and alkali. Mixing of components occurs in part in the pump housing and the outlet conduit.

Since the use of metering pumps MixRite  very active and is constantly expanding, for the different needs of a large range of pumps produced that differ in proizvodlitelnosti and adaptation to specific chemicals.

Productivity: 1.0, 2.5, 3.5, 5.0, 10.0, 25.0 cubic meters of water per hour.
Stability: The various types of pumps are manufactured, which are resistant to virtually any type of chemicals.

Table of different types of pump capacity of 2.5 cubic meters per hour.

Models with the switch
On / Off (On / Off)


Models with
air valve

Models with the switch
On / Off (On / Off)


Models with air valve

MixRite 12500

MixRite 12501

MixRite 125HO

MixRite 12500

MixRite 2500

MixRite 2501

MixRite 12502

MixRite 12504

MixRite 12505

MixRite 2502-2504

MixRite 2502 the P
(for livestock)

MixRite 2502

MixRite 2504

MixRite 2505





MixRite 12510

MixRite 12510

MixRite 2510

MixRite 12512

MixRite 12514

MixRite 12512IN

MixRite IN 12514

MixRite 12512

MixRite 2512

MixRite 2514

MixRite 2512IN

MixRite 2514IN


Metering pump Mixer
Application Guide

Dosing pump mixer MixRite actuated by the flow of water in the line on which it is mounted, with minimum loss of pressure. Water Water actuates actuator coupled to the proportional metering device. To operate the pump no external power source is required.

Dispenser sucks liquid additives in direct proportional relation to the amount of water flowing through a pump and mixes them with the water flowing in the irrigation system.




Action Water Drive:

Water actuator consists of a cylinder in which the piston moves. The piston has a valve system that allows you to control the fluid flow. The differential pressure on the piston and valve position change leads to a change in the direction of the cyclic movement of the piston.

Suction and dosing unit model 2502, 2504, 2505, 2510, 12502, 12504, 12505, 12510:

The suction and dispensing device comprises a piston connected to a water driven, resulting in its movement. The piston moves in the cylinder with the check valve. Movement of the piston under the influence of water leads to the desired absorption liquid additive from a container through a flexible tube. Sucked fluid is mixed with the main stream flowing through the pump.

In models 2512, 2514, 12512, 12514 liquid additive is injected via the bypass tube directly into the main line, bypassing the water drive.

Models 2502, 2504, 2510, 12502, 12504, 12510 has a ratio between the adjustment mechanism and the additive amount of water flowing through the pump .

Models 2500 2501, 2505, 12500, 12501, 12505 ratio of flowing water and the amount of additives is fixed and set at the factory and can not be changed.

Models 2512 IN , 2514 IN , 12512 IN , 12514 IN required additive through the bypass pipe and valve is injected directly into the water line, avoiding contact with the water drive.


MixRite operates in the following modes:

  • From a minimum flow of 20 l / h up to a maximum of 2,500 L / H
  • Low 4 ° C or above 40 ° C
  • The water pressure from 0.2 Bar to 6 Bar

Additives may be mixed with the flowing water in the following proportions by percentage:

  • From 0.2% to 2% in the models: 2502,12502,2512,12512,2512 IN, IN 12512
  • From 0.4% to 4% in the models: 2504,12504,2514,12514, IN 2514, IN 12514
  • From 3% to 10% in the models: 2510.12510
  • A fixed dose of 0.2% in the models: 125NO, 2500, 12500
  • A fixed dose of 0.8% in the models: 2501, 12501
  • A fixed dose of 5% in the models: 2505, 12505

Pressure reduction:

  • The pressure loss at low values of 0.1 Bar flow at high flow rates of up to 1 Bar
  • Models 0.2% -2%: from 0.1 Bar up to 1 Bar in proportion to the flow of water
  • Models of 0.4% -4%: from 0.2 Bar up to 1.2 Bar in proportion to the flow of water
  • Model 3% -10%, from 0.5 Bar to 1.8 in proportion to the water flow

Pumps MixRite fitted with inlet and outlet external thread 3/4 inch.

Capacity to add reagents should be positioned necessarily below the MixRite .



The pump MixRite

  • Prepare the mounting location MixRite with the following:
  • Input and output MixRite should coincide with the corresponding fittings system plumbing.
  • MixRite should be placed on the capacity to add reagents.
  • Attach the mounting bracket MixRite to a wall or other vertical surface.
  • Insert MixRite in the bracket so that the tabs on the housing MixRite entered firmly into the holes in the mounting bracket.

Pump connection MixRite

Connecting MixRite in a straight line (in line) (see. The drawing below)

Connecting MixRite the flow loop is used when you want to turn off the mixing pump, while maintaining the main flow of water, or if you want to submit a large flow of water exceeds the capacity of the pump capacity.

  • Connect the water supply line by means of threaded connections and make sure that the flow direction in MixRite complies with the MixRite housing.
  • Connect 250-300 micron filter between the shut-off valve and the inlet of the pump.
  • Shut-off valves should be installed at the inlet and outlet of the pump as well as the main line.
  • Place the suction tube into the container with the reagent. Make sure that the suction filter is located on the bottom of the tank. Make sure the tube is not pinched or kinked.


Fertigator, is a product that we produce. Fertigatory have a lot of modifications, from the most simple and compact to large and complex models. In the photo below - simple, inexpensive model fertigatora 1 pump MixRite  capacity from 30 liters up to 2500 liters of water per hour. Additives can be adjusted in the range 0.3-3.0% or 0.4-4.0%. 


Large Fertigator for spacious fields. Output from 0.2 to 77.0 cubic meters of water per hour. Ability to add four different components in the irrigation water, including three types of fertilizers and acid.


Setting pump MixRite

For each cycle of the pump MixRite pumps strictly certain amount of water. To change the mixing ratio can be adjusted of volume of reagent aspirated and admixed with water flowing through the pump.



To adjust the amount of liquid additive in models 2502, 2504, 2512, 2514, 12502, 12504, 12512, 12514, 2512 the IN , in 2514 the IN , 12512 the IN , 12514 the IN :

  1. Remove the locking clip of U - shaped with regulating nuts.
  2. Takeout bracket aside.
  3. Rotate the regulating nut around the dosing cylinder clockwise and increase the% of the additive.
  4. clockwise increases and counterclockwise reduce the percentage of additives. The numbers on the scale indicates the percentage amount of the additive to the fluid flowing through the pump.
  5. Turn regulating nut so that the holes in the nut aligned with the bevel on the thread on the cylinder and insert the locking bracket in regulating nut.
  6. The bottom bracket must not be removed during the adjustment. It should remain in place.

In models 2510, 12510 there is no fixing bracket, adjustable by turning the nut to the required value.

Models 2500 2501, 2505, 12500, 12501, 12505 No adjustment. Dosage is fixed and determined by the pump model.

WARNING !!! Do not remove LOWER U -shaped clip !!!

Flushing pump

It recommended after completion of the dosing process

  • Flush the pump, instead of submitting the reagent added pure water for a while before the pump stops.
  • Wash the exterior surface of the pump and the suction filter clean water.


Note: During operation of the pump, make sure that the capacity for the added reagent was never empty !!!.


Relief valve

Models 2500 2501, 2502, 2504, 2505, 2510, 2512, 2514, 2512 the IN , in 2514 the IN .

AirAfter starting the pump MixRite, to remove air from the pump to press the cover upper part of the pump (air-relief valve) for a few seconds left to air. Bleeding accompanied by the release of a small amount of water. Release the cover and the valve closes.
The air is removed prior to the appearance of the water. After the appearance of the water, release the cover.


ON-OFF pump device ( the On / Off )

Switch The models 12500, 12501, 12502, 12504, 12505, 12510, 12512, 12514, 12512IN, 12514IN.

The ON - handle on the pump cover should be in the upper position, while the pump is running and the reagent is added to the water. The OFF - knob on the pump head should be in the lower position, the water passes through the pump without bringing it into effect, and the reagent is not added to . water to switch the pump MixRite to the OFF position, press and turn rukoyadku quarter turn clockwise to lock - the pump stops pumping water . to switch the pump MixRite to the oN position, press and turn rukoyadku quarter turn counter-clockwise until it locks in the upper position - the pump will start pumping water . The pumps On / Off handle absent venting valve . On / Off lever is recommended to use in the case where there is no need to add water to the reactant and the need to keep the flow of water. 





Possible reason


MixRite not working

Closed suction or discharge valves

Open valve

dirty filter

Clean the filter

No water in the supply line

Open the main valve

One of the springs is broken

Carefully open the pump and change the spring

The cylinder is damaged or frayed

Replace the cylinder

Seal damaged piston ring

Replace sealing ring

MixRite not sucked reagent

Seal the metering piston damaged

Replace the seal ring of the metering piston

MixRite emits sounds skrezheshuschie

No agent added in the vessel

Add reagent container

The suction tube is kinked or damaged

Straighten or replace tubing

reagent filter is clogged or liquid reagent is

Clean, rinse the filter, place it in a liquid reagent


MixRite models for irrigation of large areas

To irrigate large areas of open ground, special models of pumps high performance and a special assembly were developed for use in bypass.
Such systems allow for operation of irrigation systems at a water flow rate of up to 25 cubic meters per hour.

For large areas of open ground and a large greenhouse complexes produced powerful metering pumps, with capacity of 10 and 25 cubic meters of water per hour. TF-10 and TF-25 models.

The MixRite model TF-10 and TF-25:

TF 10TF-10MixRite 25TF-25

Pumps are similar in design conventional pumps MixRite but have large sizes and are designed for flow of water and 25 to 10 cubic meters per hour, respectively.

Pump Service.

MixRite pumps are easy to maintain and does not require the involvement of specialized service companies for fertigation systems constructed on the basis MixRite pumps. The only wearing parts of these pumps are the seals.
Their substitution does not pose any difficulty and can be performed independently. The package includes metering pumps repair kits with sealing rings and replacement sislikonovaya special grease.

Replacement of sealing rings.



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