Smart controller

Smart Controller from Baccara

ii-ri by Baccara Until recently the world of irrigation controllers was reserved for professional gardeners, requiring complicated technical and operational know-how. But that’s all history now. The new ii.ri by Baccara, is the first irrigation controller that allows anyone and everyone to manage and control their garden irrigation system through a user-friendly smartphone app.

Why ii.ri?

ii.ri has just one button, which you use to connect by Bluetooth to a user-friendly app that easily and simply controls the irrigation system.

 What the ii.rii is?

The ii.ri is standalone smartphone operated irrigation controller with wireless operation capability and internal battery operated. The ii.ri is compatible for smartphones or tablets with Bluetooth 4.0 and above. It may link older Bluetooth versions, however we cannot guarantee good connectivity performance.


 Is there any communication limitation with th ii.ri controller?

  • The IIRI app is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 version.
  • Smartphone requirements - iOS 7 or Android V4.3
  • In case your smartphone features a lower BT version, you may experience low performance or communication errors.


 Thumb Rules for Programming

  • It is recommended to define the irrigation areas by using the sketch provided at page 21. It will facilitate an easy and fast implementation of the irrigation plans in the controller.
  • The IIRI smartphone operated irrigation controller can actuate one valve each time, therefore, one controller shall be used for each irrigation area.
  • There is no need to connect the IIRI smartphone operated irrigation controller to the smartphone during the programming process.
  • The irrigation parameters depends on the type of field crops, flowers, trees, etc and may vary depending the seasons.
  • The IIRI smartphone operated irrigation controller it is self-energized by an internal battery, is does not require any additional wiring or power supply.
  • The IIRI app must be installed and running on the smartphone. Please refer to “IIRI APPLICATION DESCRIPTION” in chapter 4 for further details regarding app download and installation.