Sprincler 861
Large wetting diameter minisprinkler 861 from 5,6 up to 9 m. Irrigation sector 360о .

Flow rates range 35-240 l/h. Insect protected.

Mounted on a stand or on a suspension.

Recommended operating pressure 1,4-2,2 atm.

Also works well in low pressure above 1.5 atm.


Mature trees, one emitter per tree or between two trees;

For overlapping irrigation at spacing up to 5x5 m in areas protected from wind;

Greenhouses, seedling and germination;

Landscape gardening;

For cooling and frost protection systems;

Used also for upside down irrigation where a lowe angle of stream is required.

Sprincler 861

Minisprinkler 861
Minisprinkler 861
  • Model:861

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