Tee swivel M/F-1''F Х 1''F Х 1''M

* Tees with swivelling nuts are designed for mounting systems of irrigation, water supply and water distribution.


* Are the connecting fitting. Union nut makes it easy to install or repair/replace parts.


* Tees  are made of light-resistant polypropylene, resistant to UV rays, and are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor.


* Tees  parts are designed to be used at pressures up to 16 bar and at temperatures
from-20° c to + 90 c°.


* Have a high degree of reliability and long service life.


* The materials used for manufacturing are chemically resistant, which allows


use the fittings for fertilizers, as well as with small concentrations of acids.


* Tees  are easy to install, easy to operate, meet modern requirements and adhere to the international certificate ISO 9001: 2008:.



Tee swivel 1'' M/2F  (STMF1)
Tee swivel 1'' M/2F  (STMF1)
  • Model:STMF1

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