The dairy's own farm. 

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Milk production is perhaps the most difficult and time-consuming of all jobs in the countryside. Farmers spend a lot of time and effort to get quality milk. However, it is not always that hard work pays off. Donating milk produced on large dairies - means working to the limit of profitability. To sell milk on the market - too difficult. Raw milk - a perishable product.

What is the way out of this situation there?

Own processing and packaging!

The cost of the milk mini-mill, it seems significant, but if you consider the difference in the implementation of whole milk and milk packaged, and especially dairy products such as yogurt, butter, cream, milk with additives, ice cream, cheese and other products, the difference is only a very impressive.

cheeseSupermarketThe range of products, for example, may consist only of milk, packaged in plastic bags, but if you have enough raw materials, the range can be very broad. In this case, you may need to think about his small dairy store.
Recently, such a direction of development of the dairy industry is well developed in many countries.
People are willing to buy farm products, because they know for sure that it is a natural, high-quality product with excellent taste.
Production of white (soft) cheeses or cheese type Bulgarian suluguni simple process, but such products are highly appreciated by consumers.
Milk mini-mill can be run in operation with minimal configuration, but in the future, you can install additional equipment and increase production volumes and assortment.
An important advantage of our proluktsii, is the possibility of delivery of finished dairy products in containers. In this case, the time required to run your production will be minimal.
If you have any problems with the packaging material, we can supply them for you. On the package is high quality printing, so that your products will have their own individual and corporate look. 

Pasteurizer-fermenterMINI-LINK milk processing (for farms)

Patner company manufactures compact multifunctional line for production of dairy products.

Receiving function, fermentation and pasteurization are performed by one unit - portionwise pasteurizer tank-fermentor of 200 to 600 liters of milk.

  • The unit provides a complete technological cycle of processing the milk.
  • Capacity connected to pumps, separators and packaging units.
  • pasteurization process is regulated and controlled by means of remote control.

Technical data


Raw materials:

whole milk


500-1000 l / shift

Finished products:

pasteurized milk, kefir, yogurt, cream, cottage cheese, white cheese


380 V 50 Hz 5 kW

Compressed air:

6 atm.

Production area:

75-100 sq.m.


2-3 pers. / Change

Part of the equipment:


  • Receiving and circulating pump milk
  • Batch pasteurizer-fermenter
  • Separator
  • Semiautomatic machine filling into cups, Model M-7
  • Semi-automatic unit of pouring in polyethylene bags

Milk All the main line units are made of stainless steel.

Are warranted for 12 months.

Supply of equipment, components and complete plants "turnkey" - together with our general partner in the food industry, the company TESSA.
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MINI-LINK milk processing (for farms). sets of equipment for dairies

This article was published on Friday 18 August, 2006.
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