With your own hands

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With your own hands

Every farmer, owner of a land plot, a villager, a gardener, a summer resident wants to do something with his own hands. We support you and that is why we opened this topic. The equipment and materials that you can purchase from us will help you create simple and reliable devices and solve the most difficult and incredible tasks using a creative approach! We will advise and show you how to do it.

  • Modern greenhouse.
  • Unique landscape.
  • Automation and fertigation.
  • Unusual technologies.
  • Seedlings and planting material.
  • Drip and sprinkler irrigation.

We invite you to take part in this topic and tell about your creativity in blogs.

Proper Calculation of irrigation system

by F.F. Rubinshtein
Learn some of technical parameters that need to be considered when designing an irrigation system. Click now

Tehnology Nursery - Seedlings Growing

by F.F. Rubinshtein
"Tehnology Nursery" or mini-hotbed with mist. Sedlings growing - learn how to now.

GEVA-75 Installation

by F.F. Rubinshtein
CONTROLLERS GEVA-75 - Istallation and explanation. DIY - learn how now.

DIY - Useful tool

by F.F. Rubinshtein
Mounting tool for the installation of irrigation systems in agriculture -DIY.
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