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NetHouse or House of Mesh

Inexpensive and very effective construction of protected soil, which at minimal cost allows you to get the most out. It produces ecologically clean products with minimal use of pesticides. Easy and simple construction.

NetHouse Specs and Benefits

by F.F. Rubinshtein
Topic: Nethouse
Lean more on the next level agriculture - NetHouse Israeli Technology. Learn more now.

NetHouse for every Home

by F.F. Rubinshtein
Topic: Nethouse
NetHouse. Efficient, inexpensive structure. Learn more on this Technology.

Anti-insects Net

by F.F. Rubinshtein
Topic: Nethouse
Anti-insects Net a grid for protection against insect pests, whiteflies, thrips, active ventilation and protection from overheating and frost. Learn more now.

Agricultural Protection Net Aluminet

by F.F. Rubinshtein
Topic: Nethouse
Aluminet nets for conservation of the energy, protection from overheat and more. Learn now.
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