Modern farming
Modern farming

Modern farming

Modern farming technologies widely use the achievements of science and the experience of successful, progressive farmers. The agricultural industry offers modern, efficient equipment and materials. Science develops the best agricultural practices for growing crops, caring for them, protecting against diseases and pests, low-cost harvesting technologies, long-term storage of products, packaging and processing.

Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.

Krivyanskie tomatoes

by F.F. Rubinshtein
Krivyanskie tomatoes
Published: Friday 17 May, 2019


by F.F. Rubinshtein
FitoNet nets for conservation of the energy, protection from overheat
Published: Saturday 12 September, 2009

Seedling of grape

by F.F. Rubinshtein
Modern intensive technology seedling grape
Published: Saturday 10 January, 2009

Cassettes seedings

by F.F. Rubinshtein
Cassettes seedings
Published: Thursday 08 January, 2009

Shade net Aluminet

by F.F. Rubinshtein
Aluminet nets for conservation of the energy, protection from overheat
Published: Monday 05 May, 2008

Modern vineyard

by F.F. Rubinshtein
Modern vineyard. The Ways intensification production, use modern technology underground irrigation.
Published: Tuesday 15 January, 2008


by F.F. Rubinshtein
Increasing the productivity of tomato fields for growing tomatoes in the open field. Secrets for use inexpensive technological methods that will greatly increase the productivity of your fields.
Published: Wednesday 21 November, 2007

Fish of Israel

by Alexander Chernitskiy
Fish of Israel in numeral (and mark)
Published: Monday 30 July, 2007

Использование органических удобрений в США

by Yuri Panchul
В последние годы во многих странах мира стало популярным так называемое «Органическое садоводство» (Organic Gardening). Это методика выращивания растений с минимальным применением искусственных хи
Published: Tuesday 19 September, 2006


by F.F. Rubinshtein
Potatoes are very plastic culture. To obtain high yields of quality tubers for this plant, it is necessary only to provide sufficient moisture and nutrients.
Published: Thursday 04 May, 2006
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