Hydroponics is an innovative, popular and effective technology in modern agriculture. This technology allows for obtaining high yields and high-quality products. Hydroponics makes the most effective and economical use of fertilizers, which are fed to plants with irrigation water using fertigation devices (fertilizer application).

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by F.F. Rubinshtein
Published: Sunday 15 September, 2013

Soil or substrat?

by F.F. Rubinshtein
Искусственный субстрат и его применение в сельском хозяйстве. Закрытый грунт. Использование кокосового субстрата.
Published: Wednesday 20 March, 2013

Fertigation to Farm

by F.F. Rubinshtein
Fertigation to Farm
Published: Sunday 22 January, 2012


by F.F. Rubinshtein
Using fertigation. Fertigation Kit by capacity 1 kub. m. be hour.
Published: Monday 16 January, 2012

Fertigation Systems.

by F.F. Rubinshtein
We bring the different variants of the similar systems to possible was value their advantage and defect, match their own need with possibility of the different technical decisions for making the systems of the fertilizer of the plants, combined with irrigation.
Published: Thursday 12 February, 2009

MixRite Manual

by F.F. Rubinshtein
MixRite adds fertilizer in the water flowing through it, depending on the predetermined number of percentage, flowing through the pump is proportional to the volume of water. Easy installation and easy maintenance
Published: Saturday 17 March, 2007

Water solutions

by F.F. Rubinshtein
For normal development to plants necessary 16 nourishing elements, which enter with air, water and fertilizers.
Published: Thursday 04 January, 2007

Fertigation Equipment

by F.F. Rubinshtein
Fertigation Equipment. Способы и оборудование для фертигации. Устройства, автоматизация.
Published: Friday 17 March, 2006
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