March 22, 2023 Manifold | Agrosheriff Shopping mall


Manifo - are designed for installation of irrigation systems, water supply and water distribution.
  • Manifolds made of light-stabilized polypropylene, possessing resistance to UV-rays, and is designed for use both indoors and outside.
  • These parts are designed for use at pressures up to 16 ATM.) and at temperatures -20 C to +90 C degrees. Have high degree of reliability and have long life.
  • Materials used for manufacturing the product, are chemically stable, that allows to use them for fertilizers and also with acids at low concentrations.
  • Manifold  is simple to install, easy to use, meets the modern requirements and complies with the international certificate ISO 9001:2008 .
  • The sale of three types of Manifolds:

    1. With external thread
    2. Flare nut
    3. With ball valves
    Greenhouse Teden-500
    Greenhouse Teden-500

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