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Privacy & Cookie Policy

Confidentiality (Secrecy), which we guarantee.

All confidential information that we exchange with our customers, containing data such as personal and financial information, credit cards and other data providing for strictly limited access are necessarily transmitted in encrypted form using the SSL protocol, which guarantees maximum secrecy and security.
We guarantee the secrecy of all confidential information received from customers. We also warrant that this information will not be accessed or shared with anyone else, including individuals and organizations.

Security provided by the SSL server.

We use 2048-bit encryption of information on the SSL server, in accordance with USA standards. This is the highest standard used to ensure the encryption of information on the Internet. Note: The United States Government restricts the sale of such encryption systems outside of the United States. Our server is located in the USA, and thanks to our American partners, we were able to provide your Internet security at the highest world level of Internet security.

SSL server.
The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol encodes all data transmitted over the Internet between a client and a server. This system guarantees the transfer of information only between clients connected to each other through this protocol, and access to data or interception and use of information by third parties is impossible.
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Greenhouse Teden-500

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