FN-Compact-1S-PVC Fertigation Unit

New compact FN-Compact-1S-PVC fertigation unit is designed for proportional-dosed addition of fertilizers to irrigation water in small and medium-sized greenhouses, in small areas of open ground, and also provides minimum requirements for growing plants on hydroponics.



Name Parameter
Maximum capacity: (maximum water flow) 2.5 m³ / h
Minimal productivity: (minimum water flow) 30 liters / hour
Minimum working pressure 0.5 atm
Maximum working pressure 6.0 atm
Working temperature from + 5ºС to + 60ºС

Attention! Operation of the system is allowed only at positive temperatures. A drop in temperature below 0 ° C can lead to defrosting and system failure.

The fertigation unit is supplied complete with strapping, which allows it to be easily and quickly connected to the water source and irrigation system with threaded connections.
The cranes included in the bundle are intended for switching the modes of operation of the fertigation unit: watering with clean water and watering with the addition of fertilizers.
All parts of the strapping are made of polypropylene with UVA protection, which allows you to install the equipment even in the open air without additional shelter from the sun.

Recommended: install a filter in front of the fertigation unit to prevent clogging of the pump, reduce wear on mechanical parts and prolong the life of the system.
It is also recommended to install a filter at the output of the fertigation unit for final fine water treatment with added fertilizers. 

ATTENTION! It is necessary to monitor the presence of a solution of fertilizers in tanks with a mother liquor, tk. the operation of the dosing pump "idle" can lead to increased wear or the output of the dosing pump.

The package includes:


Name Number of
MixRite 2.5 for fertilizers 1 PC
Strapping on the basis of PVC fittings and fittings 1 kit


Ferti fertigation units of all modifications are supplied directly from Israel. Delivery is carried out in any country of the world. The cost of delivery is determined by the tariffs in force at the time of delivery.

Company Agrosheriff Ltd. constantly improving its products in order to improve their technical characteristics, operability and functionality, in this connection the company reserves the right to insignificantly change the configuration and details of the strapping without degrading the product's parameters.


The fertigation unit in the collection, complete with filters, is ready for installation in a greenhouse or on beds.


  • Model:FN-Compact-1S-PVC

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