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Sprinkler irrigation "farm field FL1600sp»


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  • Model:FL1600sp

sprinkler 861As working organs for irrigation, sprinklers used low volume (sprinklers) water, spraying with a diameter of 6 meters. Sprinklers are mounted on stands 35cm tall. And attached to the water pipe or hose inside diameter of 25 mm. Sprinklers are installed in staggered tube placed at a distance of 4 meters from each other and at a distance of 4 meters along the pipe. Total system includes 100 sprinklers model 861. According to 12 and 13 units. on the line.

Sprinkler irrigation watering system is designed to plot a total area of ​​1600 sq. meters. (0,8 acres). The system is intended for use in an intensive mode using industrial water source. To achieve low quality water purification, filtration system uses redundant technical poor water quality, comprising a coaxial strainer for purifying process water for agricultural purposes. The configuration permits the infiltration block-sequence two washing filters, without dismantling the filtering system and outputting the irrigation system on prevention.

Irrigation system includes irrigation controller, all necessary fittings and fixtures, as well as a tool for system installation.

Location on the fieldMounting diagram:

irrigation system consists of a field unit, including the filters, valves, fittings, and a controller directly sprinklers themselves and the pipe (pipes not supplied).

Water from the water source is supplied to a field unit (B) through a pipe or a flexible hose with a diameter of 25mm. (D).
At the field produced water filtration unit and its infeed portion of irrigated plastic or soft plastic pipes 25 mm diameter hose. (E).

Tubes are mounted via fittings. As used fittings compression fittings for tubes 25mm. This compression corners (2), bends (1), end caps (3) and remkonnektory which are applied as necessary connecting pipes.

Sprinklers (M) mounted under the scheme 4x4 m, in a staggered manner. The sprinkler is mounted on a plastic rack and connected to the pipe via a plunger. The holes are made for the plunger special tools supplied for piercing holes. For hard polyethylene pipes used liner diameter of 4 mm.

Field unit is mounted by means of threaded fittings with union nut. Connectors are provided with elastics for sealing and does not require application of rolling or sealants. The compounds are designed for multiple assembly / disassembly.

Field unit. Field unit.  details

The photo above - field block assembly and disassembled. The numbering corresponds to the numbering of parts in the specification.

All fittings are sealed and do not require additional assembly when sealing materials (fum, tow, adhesives and the like)


number Name Count
1 NLT25 tee 25 mm 6
2 NLE25 area 25 mm 2
3 NLP25 cap 25 mm 8
4 N1 pin 1 '' 3
5 NL251M adapter 25 * 1''M 1
6 NLT251M tee 25 * 1 '' * 25 1
7 STF1 tee 1''F * 1''F * 1''F 2
8 NLE1M corner 1''M 5

VMF34 tap 3/4 ''

10 861, 40 l / h, the sprinkler 100
eleven WEDG-35 Front 35 cm 100
12 4 / 7-060CC tube PE 30 cm with two fittings 100
14 pLUG plug 100
16 NL25 remkonnektor 4
17 Filter mesh SF1P120L 1 'with cap nuts 2

SBV1FT ball valve with union nut 1''F * 1''F

19 G75-C-1W controller 1 '' 1
20 hole puncher 1

Photo on the left -

Photo on the right - a set of tools.

installation of sprinklers 861
assembly tool
the installation of a sprinkler on the PE pipe and flexible hose.
a set of tools
  • Model:FL1600sp
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