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  • Model:BV2F

Tavlit range of full bore ball valves and self seal threads were designed to operate at high pressure and a wide range of temperature.  


  •  Designed to resist high pressure and wide temperature range.
  •  Made with reliability, long life and durability in mind.
  •  Full bore valve for low head loss.
  •  Very easy actuation.
  •  High chemical resistance.
  •  Self-seal threads.   

Technical Specifications: 

  •  Max. Working pressure: 16 bar (232 psi).
  •  Threads: B.S.P.T.
  •  Available Sizes: 15-50 mm (1/2"-2").  Temperature Range:-20 to +90 C° (-4 to 190°F).
  •  Wide range of connections:
  •  Thread: Male/Female 1/2"-2".
  •  Swivel: ¾”-2”


  • Model:BV2F
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