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  • Model:DROP-1000-4M

The DROP-1000-4m ​​set. Drip irrigation system with manual control.

Product description.

The irrigation system is equipped with a watering control unit for 4 irrigation zones with manual control .

Automatic watering control

The KAPLYA-1000-4M set is designed for outdoor work and in greenhouses.

A set of drip irrigation with automatic control for areas of 10 to 20 hectare (1000-2000 square meters). The irrigated area depends on the width of the rows and the planting scheme.
The kit allows you to water four independent irrigation zones in manual mode.
The kit is supplied as a kit. You can quickly mount the system by connecting it to a water source using a flexible hose or polyethylene pipe.

  1. Drop pipe of the LIN series
  2. Filter unit
  3. Automatic control unit
  4. Fittings for installation of irrigation system
Drop pipe LIN-16
filtration unit

Drip irrigation tube

A drip irrigation tube with built-in droppers of the LIN model with a diameter of 16 mm, with a water flow of 1.6 liters per hour for each dropper, a distance between droppers of 30 cm and a wall thickness of 0.25 mm (10 mils).

Technical characteristics of the tube:

  • Model: LIN 16-1,6-0.30-0.25 (10mils)
  • Working pressure 0,3-1,5 atm.
  • The maximum length of 1 line, not more than 90 meters.
  • Service life - up to 3-5 years.

To reduce the weight of the kit for international delivery by EMS airmail, lightweight packaging for a spool with a drip tube is used.

*** In large farms such a tube is often used as a "one-off", but with careful handling, it fully fulfills the long-term resource put into it. For a more efficient operation, the repair kit includes repair connectors that allow you to connect the pieces of the tube in case of mechanical damage.

Filtering unit.

Filtration unit with manual flushing , which is an obligatory component of the irrigation system, cleans water and protects the system from clogging.
The presence of two filters and their parallel inclusion allows to increase the total area of ​​the filter element, to reduce pressure losses on the filter and to increase the total water flow through the filtration system up to 10 cubic meters per hour, and the use of this particular filter unit configuration makes it easy to wash the unit with minimal time filtering without disassembly of filters, which significantly reduces the time for maintenance of the system and supports filters in a clean state. Filters included in the package can be disc or mesh - according to the customer's choice.
We are constantly improving our irrigation systems and the filtration unit that you receive in the delivery set may differ slightly in appearance from the one shown in the photo, but this does not affect its functionality in any way.
The filtration unit can be connected to a water source using polyethylene pipes or flexible reinforced plastic hoses. The filtration unit can also be connected to the water source with a threaded connection. All necessary parts are supplied.


Start connector
End of line
repair connector Remconnector

The start connector.

It is necessary to connect the drip irrigation pipes to the main pipe. Start-ups are equipped with cranes, which, if necessary, enable or disable irrigation on separate lines.

End caps

End plugs (end of line) are used to stop the end of each separate drip irrigation line. Installed at the ends of the drip tube.


Repair connectors are used to repair drip irrigation pipes in case of mechanical damage and in case you change the configuration or the irrigation scheme and you need to connect the individual pieces of the tube into one line.

Compression connector

It is intended for connection to the filtration and automation unit of the supply and distribution pipelines. The diameter of pipes or hoses is 25 mm. (One inch).

Why stub and not for example a piece of wire or a string?

We recommend that you wash the drip tubes at least once every 1-2 weeks. Such preventive washes significantly extend the life of the irrigation system and save your money. At the end of the irrigation season, before you remove the system from your site, you must rinse the drip pipes . The end cap allows this operation to be carried out easily and simply, without mechanical damage to the end of the tube.


Name Number of

The tube is drip LIN 16-1,6-0.30-0.25 (10mil)

900 m

Filter unit

1 PC.

Start connector

50 pcs.

End caps

50 pcs.


10 pieces.

Compression connector NL251M

1 PC.
Node of irrigation control. 4 zones with automatic control. 1 PC.

The irrigation systems DROP 1000 of all modifications are delivered directly from Israel. Delivery is carried out in any country of the world. The cost of delivery is determined by the tariffs in force at the time of delivery.

ATTENTION: Please select the filter option that you want to use for your irrigation system. You can select filters with a filter element from the grid or disk filters.

  • Model:DROP-1000-4M

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