Proportional pump dispenser MixRite 2,5 m ³ / h acid with external bypassis used for accurate dosing of various concentrated acids and other additives in flows through it with water.

Capacity from 30 to 2500 l / h

connection size - male thread 3/4 inches.


In horticulture, horticulture, viticulture, and open field:
Adding acid through a drip irrigation system ensures optimal plant irrigation water acidity, and also allows the cleaning of the irrigation system from contamination and salts.

Livestock and poultry:
The addition of drugs and vitamins to the drinking water for cattle, pigs, poultry and sheep.

MixRite does not require external power sources.

MixRite 2,5 m ³/h acid
MixRite 2,5 m ³/h acid
  • Model:280200

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