Filter block SET3. Disk filters of a fine degree of clearing of liquids.

55 микрон фильтр These filters allow to obtain a high degree of water purification - 55 microns , which makes it possible to use them as fine filtration filters in professional filtration and water treatment systems, sprinkler irrigation, evaporative cooling systems, climate-control systems for active cooling, as well as in water treatment systems for domestic use. The degree of filtering is very high and kachastvo water meets the standards.
The disc cartridge is used as a filter element.



  • Easy to operate.
  • Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Replacement filter in yelement.
  • Low cost and high quality liquid filtration.


Data sheet:

  • Maximum working pressure
    of 10 atm ..
  • Thread: BSPT standard
  • The maximum capacity of 12 m³ / h ..
  • Filter element: the disc cartridge.
  • Filtration degree: 55 md.
  • Body Material - PES.
  • Material Disc - polypropylene.
  • The maximum permissible temperature of 60 on the C
Disk Filter SET3
Disk Filter SET3
  • Model:FLSET

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