GEVA 75 Inline Electric Valve  NC

General Description

GEVA 75 control valves provide high hydraulic performances in fluid control. These durable valves are efficiently designed and constructed from advanced technology plastics, thus requiring very low maintenance.


  • Made of advanced technology plastics, synthetic elastomers, stainless steel and plastics resistant to corrosion.
  • They work in a wide range of pressures.
  • Manual override in all the valves with internal draining.
  • Progressive opening and shut off which prevents water hammer. Very low head loss with high flows.
  • Easy maintenance. Total access to the internal parts through the cover of the valve.
  • Wide range of possibilities such as electric valves, pressure regulating etc.


  • Electric remote control
  • Farm and gardening irrigation
  • Advanced computerized irrigation
  • Level control
  • Filtration systems
  • Fertilization systems
  • Environmental control

Valves are a few modifications. Select the option you want for yourself: diameter, power supply, manual, type solenoid.

Solenoid valves GEVA 75-S
Solenoid valves GEVA 75-S
  • Model:G75-S

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