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  • Model:FertyNorm-3S+1-PVC-2F-MAN

Node fertigation FertiNorm-3S + 1-PVC-2F-MAN

Full Function node fertigation FertiNorm-3S + 1-PVC-2F-MAN is proportional to the metered addition of fertilizers in irrigation water in greenhouses small and medium-sized small volume for hydroponics.
Node equipped with strainers blocks at the input and the output disk on the device that allows preliminary and final fine filtration of incoming water and outlet of the nutrient solution.

Manual switching mode "fertigation" and the "flushing clean water irrigation mode"


Name Parameter
Maximum performance (maximum flow rate)   2.5 m³ / hour
Minimum capacity (minimum flow rate)   30 liters / hour
Minimum Operating Pressure 1.5 atm  
Maximum operating pressure 6.0 atm
Working temperature from + 5 ° to + 60 ° C

Attention! Operation of the system is allowed only at positive temperatures. Falling temperature below 0 ° C can cause defrosting and system breakdown.

fertigation unit - mortar node
Fertigation unit comes complete with strapping, which allows to assemble it easily and quickly, and connect to a water supply and irrigation system using threaded connections.
Cranes included in binding kit, intended for switching operation modes fertigation unit: watering and irrigating pure water with added fertilizer.
All items are made of polypropylene strapping with protection against UVA, which allows installation even in the open air without any additional shelter from the sun.
The advantage of this unit is the ability to separate fertigation adding two kinds of acid to fertilizer + drip irrigation system and foliar plant micronutrients ssprinklernogo through the irrigation system.

To prevent clogging of pumps to reduce wear of mechanical parts and prolong life of the system  before the block fertigation mounted unit screens, and the output of fertigation unit for final fine purification of water with added fertilizer with 2 disc filters block - one block to the drip irrigation system with a degree of purification of 120 micron and a unit for sprinkler irrigation system with a purity of 55 microns.

ATTENTION! It is necessary to monitor the availability of the fertilizer solution in the containers with the mother liquor, as metering pump work "idle" can lead to increased wear or damage to the metering pump from the system.

The package includes:


Name Count
MixRite 2,5 fertilizer 3 pcs
MixRite 2,5 bypass acid
filter input block (mesh)
filter output unit (disc)  
1 pc
1 pc
2 pcs
Strapping on the basis of PVC valves and fittings 1 kit

Blocks fertigation Ana all versions are supplied directly from Israel. Delivered to any country in the world. Shipping cost is determined by the force at the time of delivery rates.

Company Agrosheriff Ltd. constantly improving its products in order to improve their performance, efficiency and functionality, and therefore the company reserves the right to minor changes in the binding and configuration.

  • Model:FertyNorm-3S+1-PVC-2F-MAN
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