Medium-size mesh filters.

A strong synthetic mesh or stainless steel mesh is used as the filter element.



  • Simple and reliable in operation.
  • Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers
  • Replaceable filter element. The unified housing can be used for both disk and mesh filter elements.
  • The case is made of a material protected from ultraviolet radiation. Can be used outdoors.


    • Water filtration for agricultural use.

      Technical specification:

      • Max. working pressure:
        10 atm.
      • Thread: standard B.S.P.T
      • Dimensions: 1.5in.
      • Throughput: 15 cubic meters per hour.
      • Filter element: Grid.
      • Degree of filtration: 120 mesh.
      • The case material is polypropylene.
      • The mesh material is stainless steel.
      • Rubber gaskets - EPDM.

        Features: 1.5 inch filter
        Passing Capability 15 m3 / h
        Mesh filter. Filtering area 552  cm2
        Steel grid mesh 120
Screen Filter 1,5"
Screen Filter 1,5"
  • Model:F_5a365

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