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  • Model:FertyMega-1FOG-PVC

Fertigator FertyMega-1FOG-PVC

FertyMega-1FOG-PVC fertigation unit is designed for the proportionally-dosed addition of complex fertilizers, trace elements, stimulants, chemical and biological plant protection products to sprayed water using sprinklers and foggers in greenhouses for foliar dressing of plants and treatment of the leaf surface with these products by spraying water and fogging systems .
FertyMega-1FOG-PVC provides optimal parameters for the supply of fertilizers with irrigation water when growing plants on hydroponics and soil.
The maximum productivity is 5.0 cubic meters of water per hour. With the help of this device, plants can be cultivated in an area of ​​up to 3 hectares.


Set of parts for FertyMega-1FOG-PVC


Name Parameter
Flow rate

50 - 2500 l/h

Max water pressure

6 bar

Optimal working pressure

2 - 4.5 bar

Permissible water temperature

     +2ºС - +30ºС

Permissible air temperature

+5ºС - +50ºС

Attention! Operation of the system is allowed only at positive temperatures. A drop in temperature below 0 ° C can lead to defrosting and system failure.

The fertigation unit is supplied complete and is designed for easy and simple self-assembly.
All parts are made of high-quality PVC plastic with protection from UVA, which allows you to install equipment outdoors without additional cover. The advantage of this fertigation unit is the possibility of separate addition of two types of fertilizer or fertilizer + acid.

A block of filters is installed in front of the fertigation unit to prevent clogging of the pump, reduce wear of mechanical parts and prolong the life of the system.
At the exit from the fertigation unit, a filter unit is also installed for final fine water purification with added fertilizers. 

ATTENTION!It is necessary to monitor the presence of a solution of fertilizers in tanks with a mother liquor, tk. the operation of the dosing pump "idle" can lead to increased wear or the output of the dosing pump.


Name Number of
MixRite 5,0 1 PC
Filter mesh (optional) 1 PC
Block of ultra-fine filter disc filters 55 micron 1 PC
Manifold on the basis of  PVC fittings and fittings 1 kit
Spare parts and accessories (Repair kit) 1 kit

FertyFog-5.0AS Parts Kit

Tubes for the supply of fertilizers and spare parts for the FertyMega-1FOG-PVC


55 micr. Filters to FertyFog-5.0AS

Fine filtration unit 55 microns for FertyMega-1FOG-PVC

Fertigators of  all modifications are delivered directly from Israel. Delivery is carried out in any country of the world. The cost of delivery is determined by the tariffs in force at the time of delivery.

Company Agrosheriff ltd. constantly improves its products in order to improve their technical characteristics, operability and functionality, in this connection the company reserves the right to insignificantly change the configuration of the binding of a specific Fertigator.

  • Model:FertyMega-1FOG-PVC

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