The automatic system of drip irrigation "Hobby greenhouse DG25hb-A" is designed to organize irrigation in hobby and backyard greenhouses up to 4 x 6 meters in size.


Drip set HidroBloom Automatic DG24hb-A

The system is intended for a seasonal unheated greenhouse or for year-round operation in a greenhouse with heating up to 30 m².

The system consists of a filter with a mesh or disc filter element (customer's choice), a manual valve, an automatic controller, an 8 mm distribution tube, an 8 mm drip tube, and a set of mounting fittings.

A source of technical or drinking water is used for irrigation. Water purification for irrigation is carried out by the filter included in the kit.

Filter element material:

mesh filter - polyester,

disc filter - polypropylene.


When the filter element becomes dirty, it does not need to be replaced. To clean it, rinse it under running water using a soft brush.

As a working body for irrigation, a drip tube with a diameter of 8 mm with built-in emitters is used (the distance between the emitters is 30 cm or 20 cm), the water consumption from 1 emitter is 1.2 l / h.

The system is controlled by the irrigation controller, which provides a cyclic irrigation mode according to a user-installed program, the duration of each irrigation is from 1 sec.

The kit includes a ¾” female connector for connecting the system to the water supply.

To ensure the functioning of the system, it is required to provide a water pressure at the inlet to the system of at least 0.9 bar.


Installation schemeDrip set HidroBloom Automatic DG24hb-A

From the water supply source, the water flows through a PE tube with a diameter of 8 mm to 4 drip tubes laid along the beds with plants.

The system is controlled by the irrigation controller.

Watering is carried out automatically according to your program.

Installation of the system is very simple and takes no more than half an hour in time.

When assembling the system, it is necessary to observe the correspondence of the direction of water flow to the arrows indicated on the filter and the solenoid valve.

Drip irrigation for hobby greenhouse

Auto screen

 авто диск


Title Q-ty, pcs.
1 Connector ¾ F х 16 m 1
2 Valve ¾ F х 16 mm 1
3 Nippel ¾ М 2
4 Solenoid valve ¾ F with controller Geva 75W 1
5 Filter screen/disk 3/4'' swivel 1
6 Adaptor 1/2М х 8 mm 1
7 Bushing 1/2F x 3/4M 1
8 Tee 8 mm 3
9 Elbow 8 mm 2
10 Drip tube 8 mm diameter, 25 m 1
11 PE tube 8 mm, 5 m 1

All components are made in Israel.

Drip set DG25hb-A
Drip set DG25hb-A
  • Model:DG25hb-A

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