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Connectors PB (SFF1)


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  • Model:SFF1

Connectors with two cap nuts  1"FX1"F

* Connectors with cap nuts - are intended for installation of irrigation systems , water supply and water distribution .

* Is the connection fitting between parts outsideness thread . Union nut makes it easy to install or repair / replace parts .

* Connectors are made of light-stabilized polypropylene is resistant to UV- rays , and are designed for use both indoors and outdoors.

* These components are designed for use at pressures up to 16 atm . And at temperatures
from - 20c to +90 ° with °.

* Have a high degree of reliability and have a long service life.

* The materials used for manufacturing are chemically stable,

allowing use of the data connectors for the fertilizer , as well as small concentrations of acids .

* Connectors - easy to install , easy to operate , meet the modern requirements and comply with the international certificate : ISO 9001:2008.

  • Model:SFF1
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