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Active air humidifier


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  • Model:El-humy180

Consists of fan, foggers and controller.

Nebulised water effectively mixes with air in assistance of fan and humidified air is distributed throughout the greenhouse. The moist air flow extends over a distance of up to 5 m.

Активный увлажнитель-вентилятор

The controller allows to change the moisture mode by adjusting the time period and the water supply.

Active humidifier equipped with 2 installed and a set of interchangeable foggers with flow 3, 4, 6 l/h, which allows to change the amount of water supplied to the spray from 3 to 12 l/h.

The device can be used to adjust the climate in the greenhouse, humidity retention and is intended for olericulture and mushroom, as well as for the improved environmental conditions (temperature decrease) during the hot period in public places (cafes, gazebos, markets, etc.)

Controller power supply -  220V. By special order it is possible the performance 24V.


  • Model:El-humy180
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